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Brian Thorlacius
Lead Alto — Founder and Grand Poobah: Started the band with Rich Condon. “Retired” high school band director, award winning teacher for 30 years in the Calgary Area.

Karen HeatonAlto — First met Thorlacius when she was 14 years old. Ask her about when she was four and she called attention to her shoes during a recital.


Dave Edgar
Tenor — May be able to fix your horn if you take a stage dive.


Paul EvansTenor — Plays saxophones in various Jazz, Funk, and Blues situations. Production Engineer by day.


Mireille RobinsonBari Sax — New in 2019, introducing Mireille !



John TowellLead — Nearly an original member of the band, cycled through many other bands on other nights but stuck with us through it all. Recently moved to be closer to rehearsals. Day job: land man. Skier.

John Abraham2nd — Has a secret love for ska, and founded Delirium ska.punk.brass. Plays simcity for real as a day job. Skis a lot. Ask Thorlacius to tell stories about him from high school.

Jacqueline Abbott3rd — From PEI via Vancouver etc. Hillhurst chic. Training her offspring to sub for her.

Dana KaukinenBass Trombone — Former member of the RCMP Big Band. Multi-instrumentalist and arranger; favourites: Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Alto/Bari Sax and Bass Trombone. Plays Bass Trombone or Saxophone as required, requested, or desired.



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Dave PrenticeLead — Not much is known about our Lead Trumpet player Dave Prentice. Other than the faint whiff of meatballs while he arrives at the rehearsal room, and that at least two of his kids are called Louder and Higher. Answers on a postcard please ...

Jon Mossing — 2nd
— What to say about Jon? If you’ve heard his solos you’re probably also at a loss for words. Day job: Actuary.

Kevin Waites3rd — Trumpet dad (like a regular Dad but much cooler), Non-profit superhero and all around nifty guy..

Michael Hynes4th — Michael is a Microbiology Prof at University of Calgary, and is not quite ready to quit his day job. He hopes to go back to University in retirement and learn how to do music properly.  He plays in several big bands in Calgary, and used to be a regular member of the U of C Red Band. He moved from Lethbridge to Calgary in 1990, and before that lived in Germany, Guelph, Nova Scotia, Winnipeg, and Scotland.


Alex NetelenbosBass — One of the longest serving members of the band. Day jobs over the decades have included owning a coffee shop, a framing place, and burning CDs for musicians.

Ron Wrigley
Piano — Has played with many bands but recently settled with us. Occasionally hangs out at Koi open mic. Doesn’t know any funny stories about himself.

Bryan Niblock
Drums — An impressive knowledge of all things drums. Sells implants as a day job. Has a wine collection with more than a dozen bottles.

Brian ChellasGuitar — Another long serving member of the band. Retired from his day job as a philosophy professor one year, and within two years became seriously good. Camera shy.


Mari Jo de Waal — Fan of jazz and the Great American Songbook from an early age. Partied with the band even before she decided to seriously perform jazz.

Wendy Lomnes — Singer, jazz lover, hiker, traveler, retired geologist.

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